Official annual meeting notice

Posted on Mar 08 2021 in Warren County REMC
Bruce Buchanan
Warren County REMC

Dear Member:

YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the Annual Meeting of the members of Warren County Rural Electric Membership Corporation will be held virtually on or by phone at 1-408-418-9388 beginning at 7 p.m. (EST) on Wednesay, march 31, 2021, to take action upon the following matters pertaining to the Annual Meeting of the members of said corporation, pursuant to the bylaws of the corporation as restated July 10, 2020, to wit:

1. To consider and pass upon the reports of officers, directors and committees.

2. To take any and all action, to transact any and all business that may be necessary, convenient and desirable, in connection with any of the foregoing matters at said meeting and for the transaction of such other business thereof, including the election of directors pursuant to the bylaws of the corporation.

The election of three (3) directors, who have been duly nominated by the Committee on Nominations:

     a. For the Regular Three (3) Year Term, viz:

Dwain R. Akers

David Lawlyes

Kevin T. McNeil

You are further notified that the bylaws of the corporation provide for nominations for directors by petition, and that such petition must be filed within thirty (30) days of the Annual Meeting.

Dated this 31st day of January 2021.