November’s Best Bets for Streaming

Posted on Nov 19 2023 in Tipmont

Escape your endless scroll through streaming options with movies and series you can watch tonight or plan for later. Need help picking the perfect streaming services? Visit!


“Blue Beetle”
“Blue Beetle”

“Blue Beetle,” PG-13: An alien artifact endows a young Mexican-American man with superpowers in this DC film. The film fights superhero fatigue by letting the hero’s family in on the action-packed fun. (Max)

“The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial,” TV-14: The final film from late filmmaker William Friedkin remakes the classic courtroom drama. Kiefer Sutherland delivers a terrific performance as Captain Queeg. (Paramount+)

“The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar,” PG: This film, “The Swan,” “The Rat Catcher” and “Poison” make up a set of four shorts based on Roald Dahl stories and directed by Wes Anderson. Benedict Cumberbatch and Ralph Fiennes star in these quirky, captivating tales.(Netflix)




  • “The Killer,” R (Netflix, Nov. 10)
  • “Leo,” PG (Netflix, Nov. 21)
  • “Good Burger 2,” PG (Paramount+, Nov. 22)


  • “007: Road to a Million”: TV-14 (Amazon Prime Video, Nov. 10)
  • “The Crown,” Season Six, Part One: TV-MA (Netflix, Nov. 16)
  • “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,” TV-14 (Apple TV+, Nov. 17)

Unless otherwise noted, films or programs are available with subscriptions to the listed streaming service. Dates / availability subject to change