Nomination process revised for board election

Posted on Feb 19 2018 in Miami-Cass REMC

Rob Schwartz

Your REMC board of directors has changed the director nomination process. Candidates can now be nominated by petition. This change will make it easier for a member to run for Miami-Cass REMC director.

Previously, we had a nominating committee who would search for a director nominee. This procedure has become antiquated, and many other co-ops have moved to a petition nomination process.

This change allows for any member in good standing within a district to have a petition signed by a minimum of 20 members (joint memberships can only sign once). Once the signatures have been verified and a background check performed, the member will then be placed on the ballot for election to the board of directors at our annual meeting which is being held at Peru High School on Wednesday, July 25.

Being governed by a board of directors voted on by the membership and composed of members is one of the key principles of a cooperative. This principle has served our cooperative and our members well for almost 80 years.

The director positions up for election this year are:

District 1

Incumbent director: Dennis (Jim) Savage
Allen, Erie, Jefferson, Perry, Peru, Richland, Union townships in Miami County; Paw Paw Township in Wabash County.

District 3

Incumbent director: Scott Marschand
Deer Creek, Jackson, Tipton, Washington townships in Cass County.

District 4

Incumbent director: Don Willson
Butler, Clay, Deer Creek, Harrison, Jackson, Pipe Creek, Washington townships in Miami County.

We trust that you will find this change to the nomination process will make it more open to our members to petition to run for a seat on the board.

Next month, I will discuss the qualifications for being a director and look forward in seeing you at our annual meeting in July. If you have any questions regarding being a director, please contact us at our office by calling 765-473-6668.