Nominating candidates for the board of directors

Posted on Mar 05 2023 in Marshall County REMC
2023 Marshall Nominating Committee
The nominating committee met in January to gather a list of members who would be interested in serving as a director of Marshall County REMC.

The committee to nominate qualified candidates for a seat on the board of directors met Jan. 13, at the Marshall County REMC building.

This year’s committee was made up of the following Marshall County REMC members: Dennis McVey, Kurtis Zechial, Craig Hawley, Steve Blackford, Tami Langfeldt, Jon Langfeldt, Kaye Schultz and Cheryl Jennings.

Robin Roberts, who currently serves on the board of directors for Marshall County REMC, was also in attendance. 

The responsibility of the nominating committee is to gather a list of members who have an interest in guiding the business of the co-op by serving as a director for Marshall County REMC.

The candidates who agree to run will be presented to the membership in their voter ballot packet in March. Members will have the option to vote by mail or online. 

Thank you to the Marshall County REMC members who volunteered to participate on the nominating committee.