No fuss solar energy

Co-op solar program launches this January

Posted on Nov 28 2017 in LaGrange County REMC

Mark Leu

I am pleased to announce that LaGrange County REMC will launch Co-op Solar this January! Co-op Solar is a new program that for the first time will provide you with the opportunity to purchase solar energy — without having to buy or maintain solar panels!

Co-op Solar is ideal for those who are interested in solar energy but cannot afford or are unable to install panels where they live. In community solar programs, such as Co-op Solar, a single organization owns and maintains the solar arrays (which are collections of solar panels), and offers members the opportunity to purchase shares of solar energy.

Co-op Solar features solar arrays in Peru, Indiana; Paris, Illinois; and Ste Genevieve, Missouri, to create up to 1.7 megawatts of electricity. We are partnering with Wabash Valley Power Association (WVPA), our power supplier, on this project. WVPA owns and maintains the arrays. Through this collaboration, we can create more electricity at a more efficient cost than we could by ourselves. By featuring arrays in varied locations, Co-op Solar will be able to more consistently produce energy. It could be storming in Indiana while the solar array in Missouri could be basking under the sun!

LaGrange County REMC will offer members solar energy beginning in January.

As one of our member-owners, you have the option to purchase shares of solar electricity at a fixed price in five-year increments for up to 15 years. Members may purchase one share or a number of shares that equal up to 100 percent of their normal, average energy use. Each share is estimated to produce 43 kilowatt-hours each month, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the hours of sunshine and weather conditions.

Co-op Solar requires members to sign an agreement and pay upfront for the number of shares and term they select. Participating members will be moved to the distributed generation rate and will receive credit on their electric bill for the actual output of the solar for the time they own the shares.

If a member decides to sell their home, they can either sell the shares with the home, take them to another location on LaGrange County REMC lines or donate them to another eligible member within REMC service territory.

Call LaGrange County REMC Energy Advisor Jake Taylor for pricing and details. It’s easy to sign up, try it out and start investing in the creation of solar energy.

Learn more by visiting and get the latest information on our website at We look forward to speaking with you about solar power for LaGrange County REMC.