New year, new you!

Put candy canes and fudge behind you! It’s 2018 and time to get healthy.

Posted on Dec 21 2017 in Product Picks

Guilt-free fryer

You swore you’d eat better in 2018. But, those wings and fries keep calling your name. Answer the call with the Power 3.4 Quart Air Fryer XL. Swirling hot air cooks your food with little or no oil. It also bakes, steams and sautés. $120.


The race is on

Can’t get motivated to exercise at home? Enter the Peloton Bike. Hop on the saddle and plug into live classes or choose from more than 4,000 on-demand rides that cover beginners, as well as elite cyclists who need tough challenges. $1,995.


Healthy Crop

We all vow to eat healthier when the new year rolls around. Now you can grow fresh herbs for flavor to replace oils and fats in your food. The Smart Garden 3 provides its own light and grows herbs from capsule pods. $100.;

Sleep sentinel

You sleep every night. But, do you sleep well? Find out with the Jawbone Up Move Activity Sleep Tracker. Available in a variety of colors and designs, the Up Move also tracks food intake and activity, helping you live healthier. $18.


Smart socks

Are you smarter than a pair of socks? Before you answer, behold the Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet. This electronic tandem counts your steps, tracks speed and distance and identifies moves that may result in injury. $199.


Back in Biz

If your lower back pain keeps you sedentary, get moving with Valedo, a device that offers back therapy via guided exercises. A sensor placed on your back monitors motion and corrects incorrect movements in real time. $359.