More Hiking Adventures!

Posted on Apr 04 2016 in Features

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to fit all of the hiking photos we received from our readers into our April magazine. However, we’re happy to share some more reader-submitted photos here for you to enjoy!



This photo of a hike in the woods was submitted by reader Jeremy Weissert.


Primitivo Camino, Spain. Submitted by readers John and Shelley Oberwetter.


This photo of a gorgeous view for hiking was submitted by reader Pat Daugherty.

This beautiful hiking location in Turkey Run State Park was submitted by reader Susan Askins.

Susan Askins Illinois

This photo, taken in Illinois, is also from reader Susan Askins.


Alawa Hill in Mindoro Occidental, Philippines. Submitted by Becky Folk.



Sara Holt and family while hiking in Cades Cove on Rich Mountain Road in the Smokey Mountains.


Turkey Run State Park from reader Vickie Bird.