This month, take time to plug into safety

Posted on Apr 20 2017 in Steuben County REMC

This month, Steuben County REMC would like to take a moment to reflect on the importance of safety.

May is Electrical Safety Month, and Steuben County REMC will be sharing safety tips and reminders throughout the month to help raise awareness about the dangers of electricity. We all depend on electricity to power our lives, but accidents can happen when electricity is improperly used.

Our responsibility to you

Steuben County REMC’s concern for safety extends beyond our employees. We care deeply about the safety of our members, and this month, we encourage you to plug into safety. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, thousands of people in the U.S. are critically injured and electrocuted as a result of electrical fires, accidents and electrocution in their own homes.

To promote safety education in our local communities, we offer free high voltage demonstrations to local groups and schools, teaching adults and children alike how to respect the power of electricity and avoid injury. We frequently provide electrical safety content in the monthly Electric Consumer magazine and on our Facebook feed (@steubencoremc), and we encourage the public to contact us if they see a downed power line or any other type of dangerous electrical situation. We strive to provide our communities with safe, reliable and affordable electricity and to serve as your trusted energy advisor, now and well into the future.

Our responsibility to employees

It is no accident that safety is a top priority at Steuben County REMC. We are committed to a culture of safety that is integral to our daily operations. In fact, Steuben County REMC is part of the Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program (RESAP) that follows specific guidelines and protocols for electrical safety that are considered leading practices.

Our lineworkers are required to wear pTersonal protective equipment at all times when on the job. This includes special fire-resistant clothing that will self-extinguish, limiting potential injuries from burns and sparks. Insulated and rubber gloves are worn in tandem to protect from electrical shock. Our safety team regularly discusses important safety issues pertaining to work within the building as well as out in the field.

As employees of Steuben County REMC, it is all of our duty and responsibility to raise awareness about the importance of electrical safety. Take a moment to plug into safety.