Mini moss garden

Try your hand at landscape design with this project that brings the outdoors in!

Posted on Jun 01 2015 in For Youth, Kids Projects

junekids2What you need:

  • Trowel or small shovel
  • Plastic container or sack
  • Moss and other natural finds
  • Shallow container (plant pot saucer, aluminum foil pan, or bowl)
  • Potting soil
  • Spray bottle

What to do:

  • Head out on a walk in the woods with your family. Take a trowel or small shovel and a plastic container or sack with you to collect interesting natural finds.
  • Dig small sections of various kinds of moss, and collect small stones, sticks, acorns and other pieces of nature you’d like to include in your moss garden. If you’re not on your own property, be sure to get permission to be there and to take items home with you.
  • When you get back home, spread a thin layer of potting soil in the bottom of your shallow container. Arrange your moss and fill in with more potting soil.
  • Add other items you collected, such as pebbles, small sticks and pinecones to create a landscape.

An upside-down mason jar lid filled with water makes a pond. A small leaf floating on the water looks like a lily pad. Add a fairy or other small figurine (like our turtle).

Spritz your moss garden often to keep it moist. Keep it in a shady spot. If you will be away for a few days, loosely cover the garden with a plastic grocery sack to help it retain moisture. 

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