Meter tampering is a crime

Posted on Nov 04 2019 in Warren County REMC

Meter tampering means doing anything that causes the meter to run slower or not at all. It also includes anything that is used to divert electricity around the electric meter. 

Tampering with a meter is theft of electricity from your REMC and it is extremely dangerous. According to the Cooperative Research Network, a division of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, power surging through a compromised meter can cause an electrical catastrophe. A short circuit could produce an arc flash bright enough to cause blindness and powerful enough to launch fragments of shrapnel-like, red-hot debris. Serious injury or death from electrocution, explosion, or fire often results from meter tampering. 

If you are looking to upgrade the electrical service in your home, or even to fix a pressing problem, please note that you need to contact Warren County REMC before an electrician is scheduled to do the work. Only trained Warren County REMC personnel wearing protective clothing should work on meters. A removed seal or meter will result in paying a tamper charge.  

Since everyone pays for lost power, please let us know if you suspect meter tampering. Call the REMC at 844-224-0710 to report possible theft of service. All information can be given anonymously.