Meter tampering 101

Why can’t I just pull my meter?

Posted on Jan 07 2023 in Marshall County REMC
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First and foremost, safety is top priority! Tampering with a meter is extremely dangerous. According to the Cooperative Research Network, a division of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, power surging through a compromised meter can cause an electrical catastrophe. In many cases, removing the meter does not disconnect power as some may assume. A short circuit could produce an arc flash bright enough to cause blindness and powerful enough to launch fragments of shrapnel-like, red-hot debris. Serious injury or death from electrocution, explosion or fire often results from meter tampering. 

Meter tampering also means doing anything that causes the electric meter on your property to run slower or not at all. It also includes anything that is used to divert electricity around the electric meter. Tampering with a meter is an indicator of theft. In the event of theft of electricity, all the remaining members of Marshall County REMC must pay for the loss.  

Meter tamper alarms are received at the office if a meter is tampered with. To proactively address safety and theft, Marshall County REMC dispatches crews immediately. If you are looking to upgrade the electrical service in your home, or even to fix a pressing problem, please note that you need to contact Marshall County REMC before an electrician does the work. Do not pull the meter yourself or allow an electrician to pull the meter. Only trained Marshall County REMC personnel wearing protective clothing should work on meters. Marshall County REMC personnel will pull the meter for you during business hours at no cost to you. Marshall County REMC has implemented a new policy. Removing or damaging a meter seal or meter will result in a costly charge for tampering. 

Even with tamper alarms in place, theft can still happen. Please let us know if you suspect meter tampering. Call us at 574-936-3161 to report possible theft of service. All information can be given anonymously.

Meter Tampering Fees

$100 —Normal business hour
$250 — After hours