Meter replacement to begin in November

Posted on Oct 25 2018 in Marshall County REMC

Marshall County REMC will begin replacing our current meter system in November. It is expected to take four months to change out all of the meters served by Marshall County REMC.

Replacing your meter will only take a few minutes. You may notice a brief interruption in power during the exchange. Reliability and electric service will not be affected, and there is no cost to you for this replacement.

The new meters will provide better communication and data resulting in quicker outage restoration time. Interval data will provide members and Marshall County REMC with more information on use, meter tampering alerts and outages.

New tower

Old tower

Another important step to updating our meter system included replacing our old communications tower. The tower shown below on the left was one of Pi Rod’s oldest towers moved from the original Marshall County REMC office located on Jefferson Street. The new 180-foot tower shown below on the right will provide better communication between linemen while out on the field.