Meeting broadcasts state of your co-op

Posted on Jul 05 2023 in Noble REMC
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Noble REMC’s Annual Meeting is an opportunity for members to hear an overview of the past year’s accomplishments, be reminded of our focus on our community and members, and learn the results of our board of directors’ election.

And that’s exactly what we broadcast on June 14 on both our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. (If you missed it, don’t worry! The video will continue to be available for viewing on both platforms.)

The meeting detailed successes from 2022, including the celebration of 20 years of our Operation Round Up grant program, hosting our first-ever Member Appreciation Event and improvements to both our system at-large and in the office regarding cybersecurity.

Ron Raypole, president and CEO, assured members of the financial stability of the cooperative, as well as the importance of leading through our strategic plan.

“We’ll continue to navigate the co-op’s path forward by focusing on five key areas: ensuring safety remains our number one priority; operating efficiently, while maintaining ‘best in class’ customer service; providing competitive rates; maintaining system reliability; and supporting economic development.”

Board Chairman Rick Robertson ended the meeting with the core priority of the event — the board of directors’ election results. He thanked those who were willing to run and serve their community in such a capacity before announcing that all three candidates running for the Noble REMC Board of Directors were reelected to their respective positions:

  • Bill Knox will continue to lead members in District 4,
  • Joe Hutsell will continue to represent District 5, and
  • Larry Ott will continue to lead District 9.