Meet your director candidates

Posted on Mar 04 2023 in Clark County REMC

Exercise one of the greatest benefits of being a member of an electric co-op by voting for the upcoming year’s board of directors. Members can vote online, by mail or through SmartHub. 

Receive a $5 bill credit (one per membership) for voting! Vote early March 16-April 13. Vote in-person on April 15 at Charlestown High School. 

John Biesel  |  DISTRICT 3 (Incumbent)


Occupation: Retired  |  REMC Member since: 1999  |  Spouse: Deborah

Education/Qualifications: Henryville High School graduate, certificate for basic electricity and advanced electricity from UEI, Credentialed Cooperative Director, Board Leadership Certificate, Director Gold Credential from NRECA, AMA management certificate, and experience in supervision and employee management. 

Activities/Memberships: Member and board chairman of Bluelick Christian Church, youth sports including girls basketball and softball, boys basketball and baseball, interim high school varsity baseball, as well as community clean-up projects and events. 

What motivates you to serve as a director for Clark County REMC?I am the incumbent director for district 3 and enjoyed serving my past term working with very good people and serving great members. I have always listened to the members and made my decisions by trying to do what is best for the entire organization. I take pride in serving the members and employees of Clark County REMC and feel that this is one of the best organizations in Indiana. I have completed various courses to understand the industry. Being on the board and having the experience keeps me motivated to continue serving the members and community.

What qualities do you possess that distinguish you as the best director candidate for Clark County REMC?I am the incumbent candidate, I feel the time I have served has educated me in the duties and given me the ability to understand the industry. I also listen and keep an open mind on all issues brought before the board. I have kept up with my education and have achieved my CCD, BLC and DGC through NRECA. I will continue to stay up to date on all new courses made available. My phone number is made available to all members. I serve all members, employees and staff to help keep CCREMC a place that all are proud of.

Kevin Harper  |  DISTRICT 3

Kevin Harper

Occupation: Dentist  |  REMC Member since: 2017  |  Spouse: Nancy

Education/Qualifications: St. Xavier High School, bachelor’s from Ball State University and Doctor of Dental Surgery from Indiana University School of Dentistry. 

Activities/Memberships: Southern Indiana Dental Association, Indiana Dental Association, American Dental Association and Northside Christian Church 

What motivates you to serve as a director for Clark County REMC?The energy sector — from solar, wind and geothermal to traditional energy production and all aspects of energy use — is ever-evolving and it fascinates me. With our increase in need and the technical developments regarding energy use, I would love to explore and look at best practices for current energy sources as well as new and innovative ways to address the future for those who rely on Clark County REMC as their partner. It is critical that we not be left behind and take advantage of every opportunity that may offer reliable and affordable energy. 

What qualities do you possess that distinguish you as the best director candidate for Clark County REMC?Why would a dentist want to serve or even be qualified to serve on the board of directors for a utility? I feel that I would bring a different perspective to the role of director. Not only do I have large corporate experience through the first five years in my profession as a Dental Officer in the United States Navy, but for 34 years I have practiced dentistry as a small business owner in Clarksville. This has given me insight into most activities that are necessary to successfully run any size organization. I have owned my own real estate for my practice, allowing me to interact with local and state governments in all capacities required. While taking care of a small business I have had to deal with human resource concerns, technology and vendor interactions. I believe these experiences translate well and give me unique insight into the many and varied aspects of a larger entity like Clark County REMC. The success of any organization comes down to the people. That has been my entire professional life, interacting with people — from patients who have entrusted me with their care, to the team that has supported me for many years. I would like to bring this perspective and experience to the Clark County REMC Board of Directors. 

Paul Graf  |  DISTRICT 6 (Incumbent)

Paul Graf

Occupation: Self-employed | REMC Member since: 1981 | Spouse: Diane

Education/Qualifications: Silver Creek High School

Activities/Memberships: Past director for Clark County 4-H Corporation and Extension Board, served nine years on the Indiana State Fair Board, current Swine Barn superintendent, Clark County Ag Advisory Board, and Clark County Farmer Appreciation Committee, and member of St. John Paul Catholic Church.

What motivates you to serve as a director for Clark County REMC?I believe that with the member growth that we are seeing in our REMC community, we are going to have to figure out ways to continually look ahead and determine the best possible way to improve the electric grid in order to deliver safe, reliable and efficient energy to our members. With all the discussion of electric vehicles and solar energy, we have to explore all possibilities of providing the best service that we can. I have always been involved in the community during most of my adult life serving on several different boards and committees. I like the fact that the REMC is a cooperative that is owned by the members and I want to continue to help make it the best that it can be. 

What qualities do you possess that distinguish you as the best director candidate for Clark County REMC?I have served on the Clark County REMC Board since 2011. I have served as secretary and vice president in the past, and I am currently the president of the board. I have continued my education as a director by attending NRECA-sponsored institutes, workshops and seminars and I have successfully completed the requirements for the Credentialed Cooperative Director, Board Leadership Certificate and Director Gold Certificate. I continue taking classes to further my education to better understand and keep up with the ongoing changes in the cooperative world.

Jeff Myers  |  DISTRICT 7 (Incumbent)

Jeff Myers

Occupation: Consultant | REMC Member since: 2014 | Spouse: Kelly

Education/Qualifications: Bachelor’s in electrical engineering and master’s in engineering management from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Member of the Clark County REMC board of directors as the secretary/treasurer and the Indiana Electric Cooperatives board of directors

Activities/Memberships: Member of Eastside Christian Church. 

What motivates you to serve as a director for Clark County REMC?
I am the incumbent director for District 7 and currently serve as secretary/treasurer for the Clark County REMC Board of Directors. I also serve as Clark County REMC’s representative on the Indiana Electric Cooperatives Board of Directors. I wish to continue serving our members and utilize my more than 30 years of experience in the electric utility industry to help lead Clark County REMC into the future. The mission of electric utilities is to provide safe, reliable power at the lowest cost possible, and I have worked in my role as director to make certain Clark County REMC meets those objectives. I believe the cooperative business model of having member owners sets cooperatives apart from other utilities. Local control through an elected board of directors, commitment to community, and cooperation among cooperatives are values I believe in. I have worked in leadership positions at Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities, Central Indiana Power (now NineStar Connect), Wabash Valley Power Alliance and PSI Energy (now Duke Energy-Indiana). I believe my knowledge and experience in the utility industry, as well as understanding the current challenges of power supply, changing industry dynamics, and legislative issues facing electric cooperatives, makes me a very good candidate to continue in my role as director.

What qualities do you possess that distinguish you as the best director candidate for Clark County REMC?
I have more than 30 years of experience in the electric utility industry, having held leadership positions in engineering, operations, smart grid development and emerging technologies. I am a strategic, values driven leader. I have been successful working with teams to motivate colleagues, employees, business partners and boards of directors with a wide variety of interests and backgrounds. I share the vision and values expressed in the 7 Cooperative Principles, and I have been part of leadership teams involved in strategic planning and execution for many years. I am able to relate well and build relationships with diverse groups of people, and value all opinions as they eventually lead to more informed and better decision making. I have been active at Eastside Christian Church in Jeffersonville, IN, serving on the praise and worship team as a keyboard player. I have also been very active with my alma mater, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN, having served as president of the Alumni Association as well as alumni representative to the Board of Trustees. I attribute my personal and professional success to possessing strong interpersonal and leadership skills, being a strategic thinker, holding a commitment to teamwork and building consensus, and being truthful and honest and exhibiting an unquestionable work ethic.