Meet your director candidates

Posted on Mar 17 2024 in Clark County REMC

Exercise one of the greatest benefits of being a member of an electric co-op by voting for the upcoming year’s board of directors. Members can vote online, by mail or through SmartHub.

Receive a four-piece commemorative beverage glass set (one per membership) by registering at the meeting. Vote early March 14–April 11. Vote in-person on April 13 at Henryville High School.

Joe Basham
Joe Basham


2119 Perry Crossing Road
Sellersburg, IN 47172

Member Since 1992

FAMILY: He and his wife, Beverly, have three adult children


EDUCATION: 1973 Graduate of Silver Creek High School and completed vocational training at Ivy Tech College in Sellersburg, Indiana.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Basham was a School Board Member of West Clark Community School from 2008–2019 (as well as the Silver Creek Corporation, 2020-Present), a Region 10 Director of the Indiana School Board Association (ISBA), a Member of Indiana Freemason (Buckner Lodge), and a Member of St. John Paul II Catholic Church.

What motivates you to serve as a director?

I believe serving on the REMC board is a way I can give back to the community. I look at the changing world and how it is contributing to the demand on our electrical grid. We have to make sound decisions that make good business sense for our short-term and long-term strategy. In the next five to ten years we will have to provide a dependable electrical supply that will meet the demand of our members at a price that is affordable. The future will push towards clean energy from solar, wind, nuclear, and even hydrogen resources and our co-op will need to understand how those will impact our business and membership. I want to continue serving on the board so that I may partner with the co-op and the community members to meet the ever-changing environmental needs so that our members can afford to keep their lights on and use electricity wisely. It would be an honor to continue as a board member, as I enjoy working with others to discuss ideas and identify solutions that will strengthen the board and the members it serves.

Why are you the most qualified candidate?

I feel it is important as a Clark County resident to give back to my community. I am the incumbent candidate. The time I have served has educated me in the duties and helped me understand the industry. I have continued my education as a director and have successfully completed the requirements for the Credentialed Cooperative Director, Board Leadership Certificate, and Director Gold Certificate. I continue taking classes to further my education to better understand and keep up with the ongoing changes in the world. I am also a member of the Silver Creek School Board. For the last two years I have served on the Legislative Committee for the Indiana School Board Association and this year I now serve as the Region 10 Director. This allows me to discuss with our local and state political leaders issues that impact our local schools. Serving on these two important boards provides the opportunity to be responsive and receptive to the community when tough decisions need to be made. I listen and weigh all the facts before making decisions, and this is what I can continue to bring to the Clark County REMC Board.

Mark Huber
Mark Huber


6898 Pete Andres Road
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119

Member Since 1990

FAMILY: He and his wife, Lisa, have four adult children

OCCUPATION: Retired from IBM. Currently a director at Clark County REMC and Habitat for Humanity.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering – power and energy systems from Purdue University.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Huber is a Board Member of Clark County REMC, a Board Member of Habitat for Humanity, a Member of St. Mary of the Knobs Parish, a Member of the Finance Committee of St. Mary of the Knobs Parish, a Member of St. Vincent Depaul TriParish, and a Core Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

What motivates you to serve as a director?

I am the incumbent candidate for District 5. My motivation is to serve the members of Clark County REMC. I enjoy working to make decisions in the best interest of our membership in conjunction with our board. I also enjoy assisting members with questions on services available, technology and addressing any concerns or issues. I have also enjoyed explaining solar to members and showing the simplicity of my solar installation. Staying abreast of new technology such as electric vehicles (EVs), solar, new generation options, and fiber options has been a passion. I received three levels of certification in various education on technology, cooperative principles, cooperative financing, and leadership to assist in making the best decisions for our members. Thank you for the opportunity and I am looking forward to serving you again in the coming years.

Why are you the most qualified candidate?

I am the incumbent for District 5 which brings a wealth of experience and education to build upon the key qualities that I have from my experience prior to becoming a director. I have an Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue University in Power Engineering and have construction experience from earlier in my career while doing Electrical Power distribution design at IBM in Florida. I have acquired a financial and management background from my experience working with Fortune 500 companies selling IBM multi-million-dollar computers for financial and application needs. I have also had 45 Solar panels installed at my residence since 2016 and enjoy explaining how they work and showing the simplicity of their use. Since joining the Clark County REMC board, I have had a chance to obtain three levels of certification. I earned these certifications through a variety of classes on the Cooperative Business Model, Distribution and Generation Technologies, Cooperative Financial approach, Cooperative business organization, Leadership, etc. to provide expertise in making decisions for our members. I thank you for the opportunity to have served for the last three years and for the opportunity to serve again.