Meet the Team: Richard Biever

Posted on Apr 25 2023 in From the Editor
Richard Biever

By Stephanie Groves

Senior Editor Richard Biever is a rare talent and the lifeblood of Indiana Connection magazine. Here’s more about him, in his own wonderful words.  

My role at Indiana Connection is to tell the stories of Indiana’s electric cooperatives and their consumers. As senior editor, I generally write and photograph most of the cover stories. Writing about the people of rural and suburban Indiana, state history and places, and how electric co-ops connect has been an incredibly satisfying career for over 34 years.

Three facts about Richard:

  1. Some of my favorite things, coincidentally, have their beginnings the year I was born. My two favorite musical artists, Bob Dylan and the Beatles, started recording in 1962; the first season of my favorite baseball team, the New York Mets, was also in 1962.
  2. Tell City, on the Ohio River, was my dad’s hometown and where I grew up. Perry County is where Abraham Lincoln’s family crossed the Ohio River from Kentucky and settled when Lincoln was a tot. Of course, the land where Lincoln spent a quarter of his life and grew to adulthood became part of Spencer County when it was formed in 1818. That’s still a source of personal pride because Spencer County is where my mother grew up.
  3. I am passionate about iconic electric cooperative mascot Willie Wiredhand. Willie is the friendly face who’s represented consumer-owned co-op power since 1951. I have done my utmost to keep Willie alive and vibrant as our spokesplug promoting electrical safety and efficiency, and representing
    co-ops in a light way.

If there’s been a story in the last 34 years you’ve loved, Richard likely wrote it.

STEPHANIE GROVES is editor of Indiana Connection magazine.