Meet Lora Goodman

Posted on Jul 10 2021 in Miami-Cass REMC
Lora Goodman

Lora Goodman began her career with Miami-Cass REMC in October 2008. In her 13 years with the cooperative, she has held a variety of important positions.

Initially, she was trained as a customer service representative, but was quickly moved to the accounting department. Goodman remained in that position until 2015 when she moved to the human resources department. In her current position as director of human resources, she is responsible for human resources, payroll, benefits and director support.

Goodman is a graduate of Lewis Cass High School. Shortly after graduating, she joined the Army for three years and served as a military police officer. Goodman spent most of her time in the service stationed in Korea and Utah.

After leaving the military, she returned to the Peru area, married and had three children — two boys and a girl. From 1992-2001 Goodman had a full-time career in photography.

In 2001, she and her children moved to New Mexico for seven years. During her time there, Goodman earned a degree in business administration from Western New Mexico University and worked in the accounting department for a local school administration. 

After working for the school administration, Goodman ran the office for the county road department. She also continued her passion for professional photography with clients in New Mexico and Indiana.

Goodman returned to Peru in 2008 and started with the REMC shortly thereafter. She remarried in 2010 to her high school sweetheart, Mick. 

She enjoys the simple things in life — like taking a walk, riding a Harley with her husband, and spending time with her family. For 14 years, many as a single parent, Goodman was a foster parent and opened her home to many children during those years

Her children are now grown and have blessed her with four grandchildren — three boys and one girl. In her spare time, Goodman breeds miniature schnauzers (a hobby she started in New Mexico). She explained she is happiest when all the kids and grandkids are home. 

Goodman enjoys the diversity of her position and the interaction she has with each of the employees. She said that her day can bring about just about anything and that it often takes a different turn than originally planned. Goodman shared that the most challenging aspect of her job is having to sometimes tell people things they don’t want to hear.

When asked what career she would enjoy other than her current role, Goodman said she would have selected an attorney or even a graphic designer. 

We at Miami-Cass REMC are proud to have Goodman as part of the cooperative family. She is a detail-oriented and dedicated employee, and we are fortunate to have her on our team.