Mascot contest winners

Posted on Jul 08 2016 in For Youth, Kids Projects

Electric Consumer challenged its young readers to create a mascot that focuses on electrical safety or energy conservation. Our four winning mascots are listed below:


Mailee Pearl Sewell, Bringhurst, Indiana:

“You can splash and play but don’t get hurt by electricity any day! Hi! My name is Ellie, the electric eel. I think I could represent the safety of electricity because my species has the ability to shock its prey, so they can eat it with more ease. So because electricity is something my species can use, I thought it would be appropriate for me to be an electricity safety mascot.”

Mailee Sewell submitted this drawing of Ellie the electrical eel to share the importance of electrical safety.


Guy Howard, Pierceton, Indiana:

“Here is Franky, the TV. He is here to teach you about electricity and electricity safety to kids like me in the world!”

Guy Howard shared this drawing of his mascot Franky, the TV. Franky is a hand-drawn TV with a face that teaches kids about electrical safety.

Owen Cummings, Spencer, Indiana:

Owen’s “little monkey mascot” is getting shocked in his drawing.

Owen Cummings drew a picture of two monkeys. The monkey on the left is getting shocked.


PJ Cummings, Spencer, Indiana:

PJ Cummings drew this drawing of Ernie, the Eel, and his electricity super powers.