Martin Luther King Jr. writing contest winners

Posted on Jan 25 2016 in For Youth

Congratulations to the winners of Electric Consumer’s Martin Luther King Jr. writing contest. After receiving more than 70 entries, Electric Consumer staff members selected the following submissions for the $10 Target gift cards. Thank you for entering the contest.


Lillian Eldridge, 6th grade
Greensburg, Indiana

“I have a dream. My dream is to follow in my mom’s footsteps. I want to finish the life she didn’t get to finish. I want to be an amazing track runner and set a school record just like her. I want to have the most friends in the world just like her. I want to be just like her. I know she will be proud of me, and I know I will definitely follow in her footsteps as she watches over me from above.”


Abbie Jahn, 6th grade,
Huntingburg, Indiana

“My dream for this country is that all people, no matter how many differences we have, treat each other kindly and with respect.  Each and every person in this very country deserves that kindness in their life.

Years ago, Abraham Lincoln put an end to slavery, yet, as a country, we have not put an end to discrimination as a whole.  All different people are discriminated against in this country, and it is my dream that we put an end to that.  Sometimes when I’m out places, I look around and I see people staring at certain people, as if they are so different from each other, but in the end we are all only human.  But also, people do have their little differences from each other like the color of your skin, your religious beliefs, and how much money your family has.  Those little differences don’t make a single difference to me, and they really shouldn’t too much to other people either.

When I was in fourth grade, we were learning about the Klu Klux Klan.  I remember I was scared, because I learned they did very harmful things to Catholics.  Since I am Catholic, I was worried something like this would happen to me, and the truth is, in this world, it very likely could.  This type of discrimination that has to do with religions, race, and how much money you have in your bank account, is exactly what I dream will be fixed so everyone can live in peace.”


Shaelyn Meador, 6th grade
Attica, Indiana

“Cancer is so limited,
It cannot corrode faith,
It can’t cripple strong or weak love,
It cannot shatter hope,
But it CAN kill anyone who gets the deadly disease.
We ask ourselves this question,
Why do we sit around and suffer,
and just wonder,
if we’re gonna die,
from this terrible disease?
Not only do I,
dream about ending this,
But I know that many
Others have this on their minds.
I have a dream that one day,
all over the world in every country,
continent, and state,
everyone will be cancer free
and know that if they ever get
this horrible disease,
They will be cured!
In addition, I have a dream that one day everyone,
will be able to walk peacefully,
rest nicely on the beach,
and not suffer from cancer.
Lastly, I have a dream that all adults and children,
will be able to feel the sand between their toes,
smell their favorite smells,
taste their favorite things,
see their favorite sights,
and hear their favorite sounds.
My wish from this is that they can peacefully do these things.”


Hope Olson, 6th grade
Newtown, Indiana

A Chance to Believe

“What would happen if little girls could grow up to be football players?
What if they could do it without being judged?
Why does the gender matter at all?
With all the judgement young hearts are broken.
Passions left out in the dust.
Why can boys follow their passion for sports, while the girls are left without?
Without a chance, a chance to be proven.
Prove they are as strong as anyone.
Anyone who had a chance.
Why judge a girl, if you could judge a boy?
Either way, someone gets judged.
Instead, just give everyone a chance.
A chance to prove what they can, and cannot do.
To prove their strengths, their weaknesses.
Let them see what they can do.
Could they ever do it all with no peer pressure?
If you listen, maybe so.
Every kind soul tells their child,
You can be anything you wish, once you grow up.’
How come brave women can go into combat,
and they still can’t throw a football professionally?
If women’s rights have been so improved,
How come they are still treated so differently?
I have a dream, to turn on the television, and see a woman.
A strong woman scoring on the NFL.
If they just got a chance.
Just give them a chance.
A chance to prove what they can and cannot do.
No one pays attention to the issue.
Maybe they just believe.
Believe women are weak, and men are strong.
What example does this show?
This shows, they just assume.
Why assume when you can believe.
Believe a woman is stronger than meets the eye.
Believe, that if given the chance, a woman can win.
Win anything.
Anything they set their mind to.
Maybe someday, this dream will come true.
Until then, girls can play in their backyard.
Why waste talent, if it’s there.
Give them a chance.
A chance to believe.”


Devyn Tretter, 11th grade
Ferdinand, Indiana

“Everyone grows up with dreams.  As we grow older, our dreams develop as we do.  Some children want to be veterinarians or firefighters.  Some want to be astronauts or doctors.  Some want to be a singer or a famous sports player.  I can vividly remember wanting to be many things growing up (a vet and rockstar, just to name a couple).  However, as I have gotten older, I have realized that my dream is much more simple than some others’.

I want to be happy; that is my dream.  I believe that if a person is truly happy in their life, then everything will come together for him or her.  Success follows happiness.  I believe that when I am truly happy in my life, I will become successful and I will do so by being the best person I can be.

Sometimes being happy is hard, and it can be hard to find something to make it worth-while.  I tend to struggle with anxiety and stress, and I feel that when I am 100% happy in my life, I will not suffer from these things as much.  Sometimes suffering from anxiety and stress makes going through the day very hard.  Most people don’t understand what it’s like to suffer like this, but I hope to be happy one day and help others like me.

I want to make others happy.  I want to let others who suffer from anxiety and stress know that they’re not alone; I want to let them know that someone else has been there before.  To accomplish these, I believe I, myself, need to be happy.  This is why my dream is to be happy, to make the world a better place.”