Marshall County, RTC Fiber Communications Partnership — MCF Over WiFi

Posted on May 16 2024 in Marshall County REMC
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Before 2018, large portions of Marshall County did not have access to dependable internet service. This prompted Marshall County REMC and RTC Fiber Communications (RTC) to form Marshall County Fiber (MCF). This partnership aims to provide fast, reliable, and affordable fiber optic internet and VoIP phone services to underserved areas across Marshall County.

RTC saw remarkable success with fiber integration throughout Fulton County. When the opportunity to expand into Marshall County presented itself, RTC and Marshall County REMC decided to work together. The partnership intends to provide service to Marshall County REMC’s member base and others without access to reliable internet due to rural limitations.

Fiber optic internet offers great benefits compared to wireless options. Wireless internet is transmitted through radio waves across large areas from radio and cellular towers which makes them susceptible to data breaches and prone to being bogged down by high-use volumes.

Fiber Optic internet service differs because service lines run directly to the home for an isolated connection that is secure and more resistant to cyberattacks. Fiber lines are made up of hundreds of glass strands that are spliced together to transmit service at incredible speeds via light pulses.

MCF offers four different fiber packages at affordable rates and speeds up to one gig. MCF offers free installation and includes a Calix router. Service areas extend to the outskirts of Plymouth, Culver, Argos, and Bourbon.

Visit and navigate to the Project Map page to view where fiber is available near you.

MCF has received incredible support from local avenues. In 2022, the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) Next Level Connection’s (NLC) program awarded MCF a state grant to help with build-out expenses.

Marshall County’s fiber build-out project is projected to reach completion by the end of the year. Fiber lines will pass more than 4,300 homes and businesses. Since the partnership was formed, more than 1,600 people have opted in for MCF’s service. MCF’s customer base is expected to increase after the completion of the expansion.