Marshall County REMC contends with supply chain issues

Posted on Jan 08 2022 in Marshall County REMC

Marshall County REMC is experiencing supply issues with line material, just as everyone is dealing with the same situation on daily necessities. Suppliers warn that logistic issues could continue into 2023. 

Lead times for certain materials are as far out as four to six months with some even longer. “Poles are at least four weeks out and the price of wire is said to be increasing 10-20% in cost, with extended delivery times,” said Tod Brems, operations manager.

Marshall County REMC is continually working with suppliers and vendors to keep supply, and the power flowing. As new services and upgrades continue to be a crucial part of our daily operations, we would like to encourage members to preplan their projects well in advance. 

Marshall County REMC will work closely to keep projects on schedule the best we can. Please contact Marshall County REMC at 574-936-3161 if you have plans to build or upgrade your electric service.