Marshall County Fiber expanding territory

Posted on Mar 30 2021 in Marshall County REMC
Dave Lewallen

Since 1935, Marshall County REMC has provided dependable electricity and quality service to its members.  

Today, the rural members of Marshall County REMC are underserved by high-speed internet, much like the co-op’s rural residents were underserved with electricity in the 1930s.  

High-speed internet is now recognized across the county as being just as important to modern life as electricity. Marshall County REMC’s board members understand the increasing critical role that high-speed internet access plays in the survival of rural America. 

Marshall County Fiber, the recently formed fiber partnership between Marshall County REMC and Rochester Telephone Company, now offers dependable, high-speed internet to over 1,200 homes and businesses in Marshall County.  Long-term, Marshall County Fiber’s goal is to provide as many of the underserved residence and businesses, especially Marshall County REMC members, with the internet access they need and deserve.

It’s expensive to bring high-speed broadband to rural America. This is why grants, loans and government funding are key to incentivize companies, like Marshall County Fiber, to help accelerate deployment, especially in areas where the return on investment is not as obvious.  

Marshall County Fiber was recently awarded federal funding for several unserved or underserved areas of the county. This funding is the driving force behind our 2021-22 fiber buildout plans. This year the primary focus will be the south central part of the county.  This includes area from the south county line (SR 110) north to 16th Road and from Gumwood Road west to Pine Road.

If you are interested in receiving fiber, please submit your information at the bottom of the homepage at This will help Marshall County Fiber identify where there is a need for service and determine where to build in the future.