Make your vote count: more options for casting your ballot

Posted on Feb 25 2019 in Kankakee Valley REMC

One of Kankakee Valley REMC’s time-honored traditions is its annual meeting.

The annual meeting is more than just a meeting though; this event allows us to interact with our member-consumers, hear questions and concerns, and update the membership on co-op and industry activities. But perhaps most importantly at the meeting, members can vote to elect their co-op’s directors to the board.

At Kankakee Valley REMC, the process of electing your board of directors is a priority. Since the REMC is a democratically controlled organization, we believe in the idea of one member, one vote. While investor-owned utilities are controlled by its largest investors, all members in a cooperative have equal control and voting rights.

For years KV REMC members could only cast their votes at the annual meeting. If you weren’t there, you could not vote. So, to increase member-consumer participation in the decision-making process, we knew we had to change the way we engage with you. For this reason, your board of directors has approved the use of alternative options for the annual meeting voting process. Your cooperative will be partnering with Survey and Ballot Systems, an organization with a long-standing reputation for providing secure, efficient election processes, to offer three ways to cast your board director vote.

You will be able to vote by mail or online prior to the meeting, or in person at the annual meeting on June 18.

Beginning May 13, members will be mailed a packet that will include:
• A paper ballot that can be completed and mailed;
• A unique ID and election passcode for secure online voting;
• A registration card for admittance into the annual meeting.

Whether you decide to vote by mail, online or in person, whichever way your vote is received first will be the one that counts in the election.

Mail in and online voting will be open only until June 13. After that time, you can vote only at the annual meeting.

Regardless of how you decide to cast your vote, we hope you will still attend the annual meeting. We have a great event planned with musical entertainment, great food, kids’ entertainment, a $4,000 grand prize giveaway and some new exciting things to showcase this year.

As a member-consumer of Kankakee Valley REMC, you have a say in your cooperative leadership. We are excited to offer you more ways to get involved in the election process. Watch for more information on the upcoming election of your board of directors in your Indiana Connection magazine.