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Posted on Sep 19 2018 in Energy

By Kim Burton

People considering home improvement projects typically think about tackling particular areas of the house. Yet one item that affects the entire dwelling – lighting – is often overlooked. With recent technological developments, it is easier than ever to retrofit existing houses with recessed lighting. Can-less recessed LED lights can lead to significant savings in energy costs beyond lighting alone. Some advantages to consider about can-less recessed LEDs are:

Going slim can help reduce costs. Look at all that wasted space in the can! Compare that to the profile of a slim LED. Slim LEDs free up more space in the attic for insulation. Most recessed lighting also have several holes in the “can” part that are potential sites for air leaks. Slim LEDs have fewer places that must be air sealed, making can-less recessed LEDs a great choice to help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

More options available to retrofit into tight spaces. Can-less recessed LEDs have all of the technology needed built within the light fixture. There’s no need for additional wiring or elements other than simply properly installing the light! Because of this, they can more easily be installed into tight areas without having to install additional equipment. 

Variety of styles for virtually any room. Because can-less recessed LEDs fit easier into cramped spaces, they also are available in a variety of applications. You can find lights available for attics, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and more! You also can install them against a wall to highlight artwork or other features, or elsewhere in a room for proper illumination. They can be added to a planned room renovation to provide an entirely different look.

Great long-term savings over the life of the bulb. Of course, the cost-saving attributes of LEDs are always a plus – especially when compared with older bulbs. LEDs can last years before they ever need to be replaced – and they are brighter while using less energy, saving you money in the long-run.

You can review different types of can-less recessed LED lighting on the Internet. You also can reach out to your local energy cooperative for some general ideas, as well as suggestions on other efficiency improvement projects that can help lower your monthly energy use. And as new technologies develop, more options likely will become available. Can-less recessed LEDs can help you see the light! 

Kim Burton is director of member services at Miami-Cass REMC based in Peru, Indiana.