Look out for scams and scammers

Posted on Aug 28 2018 in Clark County REMC

Utility scams often involve an individual or group posing as an employee of your electric cooperative. The scammer may use threatening language in order to frighten you into offering your credit card or bank account information. Don’t fall victim to these types of scams. Understand the threats posed and your best course of action:

  • If someone calls your home or cell phone demanding you pay your electric bill immediately, gather as much information as you can from that individual, hang up the phone and contact the local authorities. Scammers often use threats and urgency to pressure you into giving them your bank account number or loading a pre-paid credit or debit card (such as a Green Dot card). Clark County REMC will never ask you to offer up personal financial information over the phone. If you have any doubts about your utility bill, contact our office immediately.
  • If someone comes to your home claiming to be an employee of Clark County REMC who needs to collect money or inspect parts of your property, call us to verify he/she is, in fact, an employee. If he/she is not, call local authorities for assistance and do not let the individual into your home.

Clark County REMC wants to make sure you avoid any and all types of scams that could put you or your financial information in jeopardy. If you are ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to call us.