Look Out for Scams

Posted on Sep 02 2023 in Daviess-Martin County REMC
Scam Pig

Recently we received a call from a member regarding a scam they encountered with a caller pretending to be a Daviess-Martin County REMC employee. Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere and we want you to be aware of what to do if you run into one.

▪ If someone calls your home phone or cellphone demanding you pay your electric bill immediately, gather as much information as you can from that individual, hang up the phone and contact the local authorities. Scammers often use threats and urgency to pressure you into giving them your bank account number. Daviess-Martin County REMC will never ask you to offer up personal finance information over the phone; any over-the-phone payments are only accepted by our pay-by-phone system. If you have any doubts about your utility bill, contact the Daviess-Martin County REMC office.

▪ If someone comes to your home claiming to be an employee of Daviess-Martin County REMC that needs to collect money or inspect parts of your property, call us to verify they are, in fact, an employee. If they are not, call local authorities for assistance and do not let the individual into your home.