Look out below

Posted on Oct 04 2021 in Steuben County REMC

Overhead is not the only place electric power lines cross our yards or bring electric service to the house. In many neighborhoods, buried power lines have become the norm. While this means there are no poles and wires running overhead to worry about, they still require special consideration:

  • Underground power lines require those green boxes, called pad-mount transformers. Though it may be tempting to hide them with landscaping, please don’t. Your electric cooperative might have to open that equipment during a power outage or for routine maintenance.
  • Keep shrubs and structures at least 12 feet from the “door” of the box, and at least 3 feet from the sides.
  • If landscaping is too close, inadequate air circulation can cause equipment to overheat and fail. Plantings might have to be cut and removed.
  • Keep the meter on your house visible and accessible, too.
  • Never allow children to play on or around the pad-mounted transformers. They contain electrical equipment with high voltage inside.
  • Do not plant near underground utility services. Tree roots can grow and interfere with underground pipes, cables and wires. Future repairs to these facilities also could damage the health and beauty of nearby plants and trees.