A look back on 9/11

Electric Consumer stories over the years reflected on tragic day

Posted on Sep 01 2016 in General

Anyone born before 1995 or so, will never forget what they were doing on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, when they heard the news that a plane had struck a tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. A terrible accident? What kind of plane? Terrorism?

Then, about 15 minutes later, a second large passenger plane plowed into the second tower, and the day became seared in the collective heart and soul of America. The United States was under attack.

Sept. 11, 2018, marks the 17th commemoration of that tragic day. To reflect, Electric Consumer has culled together some of its stories and commentaries from over the years related to 9/11, beginning with our first coverage in the November 2001 issue.

A Day of Thanksgiving

Jennifer and Eric Moody, and daughters Kelsey, Kylee and Katlyn, have a special reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving.  Eric and 28 colleagues from the Crane naval center  escaped unharmed from the Sept. 11 attack on the Pentagon. (Originally published November 2001)


PeakFeatureRemember this September

How 9/11 became tied to memories of the Ohio River park in southern Indiana city. (Originally published September 2011)



Partners in Protection

How electric cooperatives are responsive to first responders. (Originally published September 2016)



Stepping Up for Flight 93

How a Pennsylvania electric cooperative aided first responders immediately after and in the aftermath of the 9/11 crash (Originally published September 2016)



Generation Z and 9/11’s silver linings

Editor Emily Schilling notes the philanthropic spirit of today’s younger generations inspired by the tragic events of that day. (Originally published September 2016)