Local windmill museum stands tall

Posted on Sep 01 2019 in Noble REMC
A family enjoys a free tour of the windmills on display during the Mid-America Windmill Museum’s 25th anniversary in July.

Congratulations to the Mid-America Windmill Museum, which celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special celebration in July!

A member of Noble REMC, we’ve watched as the museum has grown and prospered into what it is today: a display of 52 windmills to educate, preserve and build awareness of the engineering feat. The Electric Consumer (now Indiana Connection) even featured the Kendallville museum statewide when it first opened.

Fun fact: It is the only museum to have all 11 Flint & Walling models beginning with the ORIGINAL STAR, which was patented in the 1870s and sold for 40 years.

Though it took place on one of the hottest days of the summer, the anniversary celebration brought out community members for kids’ activities, special displays, apple slushies and homemade ice cream. There was also a special appearance by the Applesauce Singing Group and Miss Indiana Tiarra Taylor.