Load control advantages

Program benefits more than just irrigation

Posted on Jul 31 2020 in LaGrange County REMC
Irrigation system
Pretty Prairie Farms of Howe installed a new irrigation system at an area farm, and with it, a new load control switch as part of LaGrange County REMC’s program that helps maintain the reliability of our system.

Did you know that according to the 2017 Census of Agriculture, in addition to having the most farms in any county in the state, LaGrange County also has the most irrigated farms in the state?

To help those numerous farms, as well as our members at large, LaGrange County REMC has a program specifically designed for irrigation systems to ensure our distribution grid doesn’t become overloaded. 

Our irrigation load control program provides those members with a lower electric rate when they sign up. In exchange, the member agrees to allow the cooperative to temporarily turn off his/her irrigation systems when there is a high demand for electricity on our system.

With irrigations being one of the largest consumers of energy, this would ensure the stability of our system in the event that all of our members are using a large amount of electricity all at the same time. 

Load control is only in effect Monday through Friday from 2-8 p.m., with no weekends or holidays included.

It’s a win-win for our irrigation members, which can be seen in the number of participants. Of the total number of irrigations on our lines, 98% take part in the program.

Farming generates millions of dollars for the local economy, benefiting the community and its residents, and LaGrange County REMC is proud to partner with farmers to sustain the integrity of our electric system for all of our members.

LG REMC employee Jake Taylor installing a switch on an irrigation system.
Energy Advisor Jake Taylor installs the load control switch on the irrigation system.