Living their dream

Posted on Oct 02 2019 in General
The Mowery Family

When Jennifer and Patrick Mowery married in 2013, they knew they wanted to raise a family together. Jennifer also longed for her small-town community of Crawfordsville, where much of her family still resided. 

But they faced two major roadblocks – both of their careers were tied to Indianapolis and they had been unable to build on their family that already included a son from a previous marriage. Jennifer and Patrick decided to explore foster care and, in 2017, adopted a baby girl who had been placed in their care. 

“I always wanted to raise my kids in the same rural community experience that I had where you wave at your neighbors and they wave back,” Jennifer said. “Now that we finally had our family, we really wanted to get back to the country and be close to my family.”

Jennifer had steadily built a career working as an accounts payable lead in the healthcare industry. She oversees a team that pays vendor invoices for hospitals. In 2017, her employer began allowing its staff to work remotely. 

“It’s a great option, but you have to have fast and reliable internet to make it work,” Jennifer said. 

Patrick and Jennifer heard about reliable and fast rural internet service being built by electric cooperatives. It was a perfect fit for their dream. They purchased their dream property in northern Montgomery County in May 2019 where Tipmont REMC has started building out its fiber internet service, and Jennifer now works remotely.

“I’m able to keep my career and raise our family the way that we wanted to. I’m close to my family so they can be a big part of our lives,” Jennifer said. “It’s mind-boggling to think how many pieces fell into place to make this possible for us.”

What’s your broadband story?

Tell us why expanding high-speed internet to all of Indiana is important.

Electric cooperatives are finding ways to help close the rural digital divide, providing all Hoosiers the same opportunities.

Affordable and reliable quality internet means life-altering improvements for rural Hoosiers in:

MODERN HEALTH CARE, including prompt access to specialists, and expanded monitoring and treatment options.

MODERN EDUCATION options so rural students can use technology previously available only to their urban peers. Adult learners will have access to distance education options.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT opportunities mean small businesses in rural areas can enter the global marketplace. And, young families seeking a rural lifestyle can enjoy that small town sense of community with the modern conveniences of an urban area.

Tell us how having access to affordable and reliable high-speed internet could improve your family’s quality of life, or how new service options have changed the way you live. Your stories will continue to inspire our state’s leaders to do all they can to bring broadband to all of Indiana.

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