Linden pole testing to begin this spring

Posted on Apr 08 2024 in Tipmont

This spring, Tipmont will test 2,500 poles near the Linden substation.

This five-week project will begin in late April or early May and end no later than early June.

Pole testing requires driving trucks, ATVs, and other vehicles around Tipmontā€™s service area to inspect poles. To learn more about this process and possible property access, visit

During this project, Tipmont members in this area may see personnel and vehicles from Tipmont (or its contracted partner, Utility Asset Management) on their property.

Tipmont tests poles every 10 to 15 years to ensure their wood is in good condition and to help maintain our high standards for reliability. Any deficient poles will be repaired or replaced as required.

If you have questions, please contact project engineer Levi Rudisel at or 765-269-4874.

Pole testing map