Lighting the Way: Kelly steps in front of the camera

Posted on Oct 01 2022 in Noble REMC
Kelly Spear

Noble REMC wouldn’t be successful without our employees and directors. To highlight the work that they do, we’ve established Lighting the Way to place a spotlight on those who help the co-op thrive.

Usually the one to conduct these interviews, Communications Specialist Kelly Spear is getting a taste of her own medicine in the hot seat.

Spear has been at Noble REMC for almost five years, documenting and writing the co-op’s happenings for the monthly magazine, as well as social media, news releases and more.

She’s a self-proclaimed nerd for words (and books and board games…), so let’s see what what she has to say for herself.

What’s been your journey at the co-op?

“I actually started as a shared employee between LaGrange County REMC and Noble REMC. Then I transitioned to full-time at Noble REMC. My role has grown from my main task being writing, to now producing videos, creating content for social media and our website and dipping my toe into graphic design.”

What’s your favorite   part of your job?

“I love how collaborative it is. Coming from a journalism background, I had to unlearn some of my more competitive habits — which still flare up from time to time. Co-ops share with each other and help when they’re able, especially in communications. It was a real change in culture.” 

What’s something you want people to know about  your job?

“I think because social media is part of my responsibilities, people think I sit and scroll Facebook all day. In reality, that’s a very small part of what I do (and sometimes wish I didn’t have to do). Also, when I have a camera in my hand, I’m not out to make you look bad. It’s quite the opposite.”

What do you like to do with your spare time?

“My husband, Garry, and I are big board game nerds. Settlers of Catan is probably our favorite go-to. He also introduced me to the world of Dungeons & Dragons with a Star Wars-based campaign about a year ago. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.”

Favorite movie?

“I have so many. Step Brothers when I need a comedy, Singin’ in the Rain or Stardust when I’m sick, Mansfield Park or Pride & Prejudice when I want romance … I could go on and on.”

Favorite book or author?

“Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman.

Favorite music?

At the moment? Olivia Rodrigo. Of all time? The Black Keys or Lucy Dacus.

What’s been your favorite place to travel?

“For my 25th birthday, my family and I went to Alaska, and it was an incredible experience – from the wildlife to the landscape to the people. Winter is already my favorite season, so I feel like I would do well up there. The only problem is I don’t think there’s enough money in the world that could convince my family to go with me.”