Lighting the way: Andy Strack’s 20 years of service

Posted on Mar 11 2022 in Noble REMC
Andy Strack
Noble REMC Director Andy Strack at Cobblestone Golf Course.

Noble REMC wouldn’t be successful without our employees and directors. To highlight the work that they do, we’ve launched a new series – Lighting the Way – to place a spotlight on those who help the co-op thrive.

Noble REMC Director Andy Strack began his service to the co-op in 2002 after being appointed to fill a seat on the board made vacant mid-term.

Since then, he has been re-elected each term to represent District 3, and with more than 30 years of management experience, he continues to bring insight and energy to the board, serving as its secretary, with his warm personality and business expertise. (And what’s more, he can ride a unicycle!)

Best part of being a director on the board?

“The best part is helping Ron (CEO Ron Raypole) and the team make decisions to best keep our co-op running the way it does and helping make decisions to keep the rates low. I think that’s a big deal.”

What are some obstacles you’ve had to resolve or overcome over your 20 years on the board?

“There were a few economic downturns, like the one in 2008, when we were unsure of how things were going to go and had to make changes on the fly to cut budgets back and that kind of thing. And then the decision to remodel the office was a big one for the board, and we really had to do our homework on that to make sure we were making the right decision.”

What is your career outside of the co-op?

“When I started on the board, I was 32 years in at Pizza Hut as district manager. That’s how I made the move to Kendallville in 1991. It was the first time for me to be on co-op lines as a customer.

Then I spent five years helping a group of Subway stores in Fort Wayne. Two years ago, I left Subway and pretty much retired from that line of work. Now I drive a school bus for East Noble School Corporation and work at Cobblestone Golf Course to balance the winter and summer time.”

What are you most proud of in your life?

“My wife, Yvonne, and I are proud of raising our four sons. I’m very proud of moving to Kendallville and staying there to raise a family, as a home base.”

favorite movie?

“Oh, gosh. I have a few of them. Unfortunately, they’re not my wife’s style of things. They’re all kind of goofball, comedy stuff, like Animal House, Rodney Dangerfield’s ‘Back to School.’”

Favorite book?

“The things I like to read are non-fiction, like exploration days of early 1900s, Arctic stuff, mountain climbing books, true stories of the people who went to Everest.”

Favorite local restaurant?

“Either Albion Ale House or Shorty’s Steakhouse in Garrett.” 

What’s something interesting our members may not know about you?

“I come from a very large family of 11 children. I’m number 8 of 11. The upbringing was close; it was a very small house. We were all only home for a short amount of time. By the time the baby was born, the older two were out, but we’re still a very close family.”

To learn more about Andy, check our YouTube channel in the coming weeks for a video full of additional fun questions!