Lewis retires after 40 years of service to the Co-op

Posted on Dec 20 2018 in Miami-Cass REMC

After 40 years of faithfully serving Miami-Cass REMC and its members, Chuck Lewis will retire next month. Lewis started his career with the REMC in February 1979 as a work order clerk. He was later promoted to office manager over billing and finance. In 2014, he became the director of information technology and special projects. During his time with the cooperative, he has worked for three different CEOs — Russell Stone, Jim Yates, and current CEO Rob Schwartz.

Lewis has seen a lot of changes throughout the years, especially in the area of technology. While he was office manager, the cooperative went from having no computers to using over 30. Throughout the years, the co-op has also had several software changes.

When asked what he has enjoyed about working at the REMC, he said that it has been a good, stable workplace with ethical employees. He also stated he has felt more at home here than at any other job. He and all those he has worked with throughout the years have always tried to do their best for the members. Lewis said time has gone by fast and that it doesn’t seem like it has been that long.

His favorite part of the job has been working with computers and playing detective when something goes wrong. Everything he has learned about technology is self-taught. He feels he has been able to play a significant part in moving things forward technologically for both the members and REMC staff.

His short-term retirement plan is to make updates to the house and yard where he grew up. He also hopes to get back to community volunteer work in some capacity here locally.

All of the staff, employees and directors want to thank Lewis for his years of service and wish him well in his retirement.