Lend a Hand Program

A bright spot in an uncertain year

Posted on Aug 04 2021 in Clark County REMC
David Vince
General Manager

It’s officially been one year since Clark County REMC launched our Lend A Hand program in response to the uncertainties created by the global health pandemic last year. In the spring of 2020, our board of directors wanted to create a program that would allow members to help one another. Co-ops began in a spirit of neighbors helping neighbors, and this program was no different.

In just 12 months, between the generosity of REMC members and the matching funds authorized by the Board of Directors, the Lend A Hand program has raised more than $21,000 in donations to help members in need. I know that times are still hard for many families, but having a little extra help can go a long way.

It’s easy to look at the troubles and difficulties in the world around us and give up hope. Some will see what’s happened over the last 18 months and turn their focus inward, perhaps with good reason. But I am encouraged that so many members of Clark County REMC chose instead to look around at their community and give back. 

Many things have changed since the first farmhouses were electrified in 1939, but our spirit of community and togetherness is still going strong. If you would like to make a donation, contact our office during normal business hours, or visit theremc.com/lend-a-hand. Turn to next page for more information.