Labor Wisely This Labor Day

Posted on Aug 30 2023 in Features
Laborers working on a house

For many people, Labor Day is a day of rest and relaxation. For others, it’s the perfect time to catch up on outdoor projects before the season changes. If you’re planning on laboring outside this Labor Day, Sept. 4, remember these pointers so that you work safely:

Use fiberglass or wood ladders when working around overhead power lines or electrical sources. Metal ladders conduct electricity, which can be fatal if the ladder comes into contact with electricity.

Make sure you know where the underground power lines are before you begin outdoor home projects that involve digging or excavating. Contact your local power company and Indiana 811 at least two working days before every dig project, big or small.

Check power tools and electrical cords to make sure they are in good condition. Power tools should be designed for outdoor use.

Use extension cords designed for outdoor use if you will be using them outside. They are thicker, more durable and have features for preventing moisture damage. Also, make sure you’re using three-wire extension cords with three-prong plugs.

Do not plug one extension cord into another. Use the proper length for the job.