KVREMC Junior Board of Directors

Posted on Mar 03 2023 in Kankakee Valley REMC
KVREMC Junior Board 2023
KVREMC Junior Board of Directors: Top Row, Left to Right: Evan Meyer, Carter Welkie, Dylan Andrews, Noah Doms, Damien Frasure. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Ryan Kratz, Mackenzie Schultz, Addie Gorski, Brianna Irzyk, Emma Gillard 

One feature of the Junior Board of Directors program is introducing students to unique businesses and organizations within the community. During the students’ fifth session, they visited Custom Machining Services and the Multi-Agency Academic Cooperative (MAAC), both located in Valparaiso, to learn about each business and how they impact the community. 

At Custom Machining Services, students saw the manufacturing process of how hose assembly equipment, dies and hose crimpers are made. Students then visited a KV REMC substation, where they learned how a substation operates and about the equipment needed to get power to their homes. 

The final stop for the day was a tour of the MAAC facility. This comprehensive training campus supports firefighters, police officers and EMS personnel by offering a realistic, hands-on approach to emergency services training. Students saw the vehicle extrication training area, a four-story drill tower, a live burn building and watched a virtual de-escalation training for a police officer.  

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The Junior Board of Directors visit Custom Machining Services in Valparaiso.
The Junior Board of Directors visit Custom Machining Services in Valparaiso.