KV REMC has fresh, new online look

Posted on Jan 07 2023 in Kankakee Valley REMC
KV website on laptop

This month, KV REMC is launching a new website design, and we are excited for you to check out the updates at kvremc.com.  

KV REMC designed the site with the membership in mind. The easy-to-use site will be compatible with all technologies and have an inclusive design that will ensure all content is accessible and usable by all.  

While your first impression of the website might be that it has a new modern design, we also ensured the redesigned website was user-friendly with easy-to-access information. 

On the newly designed website, you will find the following:  

  • SmartHub access directly from the homepage
  • Prominent buttons on the homepage take you to the most frequently searched information
  • Additional online forms for accessible communication with the co-op
  • Easy to find outage map and outage reporting
  • On-page zoom functionality allowing those with vision impairments to access information by zooming in on text
  • Alternative text on images and field labels on forms that are compatible with a screen reader
  • Intuitive navigation to find information quickly and print functionality for viewers to read information offline
  • A website design that is compatible with all screen sizes, with particular emphasis on the design and layout of each page on a mobile device.

Our efforts are only beginning to deliver on our inclusivity goals and provide a better online experience. If you have not yet visited the site, we encourage you to check out the new updates.