KREMC gears up for the 2024 Annual Meeting

Posted on Apr 18 2024 in Kosciusko REMC


Kurt Carver

This year will bring our fourth drive-through Annual Meeting. When we first changed the format of the Annual Meeting, we didn’t know how it would be received. To say it has been a successful transition would be an understatement. Our members appreciate the streamlined, energetic feel of the drive-through meeting, and our voting numbers keep going up! The feedback we received after last year’s event was outstanding.

“Awesome job!!! Ran like a well-oiled machine! Thank you for flying the flag. Thank you to the police officers and REMC personnel. I look forward to this each year.” — KREMC member, 2023

“I’m so impressed with the way you did this. Amazing. So well run and well thought out. You all rock!” — KREMC member, 2023

“I was impressed by how quickly the traffic moved. Probably took me 5 minutes or less. Thanks for the gifts and the delicious meal.” — KREMC member, 2023

I am proud of our team here at Kosciusko REMC. Each year, they approach this big event with the same care and consideration they do with the everyday tasks that affect our membership. That excellent work ethic and positive intention are reflected in our membership’s feedback.

This year, you can count on another great experience. When you come through our Warsaw facility, expect to receive a $10 bill credit, a gift, a free meal, and a chance to vote for our board of directors. We’re excited to welcome you all to the Annual Meeting again and appreciate your dedication to our cooperative’s democratic process. Next month’s Indiana Connection will give you all the final details of the event. For now, save the date on your calendar, and enjoy spring in Kosciusko County.