Keep drones away from power lines

Posted on Jul 29 2020 in Steuben County REMC
Drone photo

Power lines are put overhead mostly to keep them away from people because they can carry voltage that can seriously injure or kill people if contact is made with them. When people enter that overhead space with drones, they should keep some of these thoughts in mind: 

  • Keep your drone at least 100-150 feet away from power lines, electrical substations and other electrical equipment. 
  • Should your drone get caught in power lines or crash into a utility pole or substation, never attempt to retrieve it yourself. Call your electric cooperative for assistance. 
  • Avoid flying drones near trees that have power lines nearby. If your drone gets hung up in a tree, before trying to retrieve it, walk around the tree to make sure no overhead power lines are running through the branches or within 10 feet. If power lines are nearby, call the utility.