June board meeting overview

Posted on Jul 31 2018 in Southern Indiana Power

In an effort to keep you informed of your cooperative’s operations and activities, the following are highlights of the June 27 board meeting.

1. All directors were present along with CEO Steve Seibert and Administrative Assistant Lisa Hinton.
2. The May 30 board meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.
3. The membership certificates and vouchers were reviewed and approved.
4. The directors’ report was reviewed and approved.
5. Directors selected London Witte Group to perform the 2018 cooperative financial audit.
6. Seibert discussed the Hoosier Energy wholesale power cost tracker (WPCT). Members will see a slight rate decrease (approximately 1 percent) based on the WPCT.
7. The CEO report was the first item of new business. Seibert reported the following items:

a. Seibert reviewed right-of-way maintenance costs.

b. Seibert reported a RUS draw has been completed.

c. Seibert informed the board of a NISC business process review that will occur in 2019.

d. Seibert provided a Federated Insurance claims report for the years of 2014-2018.

e. Seibert reported on a Hoosier Energy manager’s association meeting.

f. Seibert informed the board the spray crew is spraying on the Tell City substation.

g. Seibert reported he and Manager of Member Services Rachael Goldsberry attended the Spencer County Regional Chamber of Commerce luncheon held on June 7. Gov. Eric Holcomb discussed issues of local interest at the luncheon.

h. Seibert reported he, Line Superintendent Steve Fortwendel, Systems Engineer Todd Hammond and Director Randy Kleaving attended the Perry County Chamber business awards dinner on June 21.

i. Seibert reported the following meeting dates: marketing committee — June 28, annual meeting committee — July 12, CoBank energy director’s conference — July 10-12.

8. Chuck Tiemann, safety instructor with IEC, provided pole top and bucket truck rescue training on June 6. Seibert advised there were no lost time accidents and no public liability claims to report.
9. Directors reviewed section one of the NRECA Good Governance Task Force Report.
10. Seibert reviewed the 2018-2019 strategic plan initiatives and action plans.
11. Director Philip Meyer was selected as a Cooperatives One director.
12. Director Gary Waninger reported on a Hoosier Energy board meeting held June 20.
13. Kleaving reported on a IEC board meeting held June 27.
14. Director Kevin Waninger reported on the CFC Forum held June 11-13.
15. Chairman Jeff Vogel shared thank you letters received from Rep. Ron Bacon, Chris Gore, Chase Beckort, Perry Central After Prom, Emili Stephens, Nicole Cash and Jolene Hagedorn.
16. The next regularly scheduled board of directors meeting will be July 19.