Jarnecke retires from Operation Round Up board

Posted on Oct 06 2022 in Kankakee Valley REMC
Darl Jarnecke

For years, Operation Round Up has given Kankakee Valley REMC members an easy way to support local non-profits and students. The organization’s grants and scholarships are overseen by a volunteer board of directors. Last month, longtime director Darl Jarnecke retired.

“In my professional career, I served on a number of boards within Porter County,” Darl told us. “I will say the Round Up board was one of the best boards that I ever served on.” When asked to join, he saw it as a great opportunity to learn more about our part of Indiana. “The directors were dedicated to making sure the REMC members who rounded up their electric bills every month saw their dollars going to organizations that were helping those in need in their communities.”

The longtime member of the Kouts Chamber of Commerce says he’ll miss working with his fellow directors. “Each board member’s perspective was somewhat different but there weren’t harsh differences about whether to fund an application.”

Darl added that the co-op board and the Operation Round Up board “represent a hidden gem. More than just providing electricity to our homes, the boards work hard to improve our rural way of life.”

With a mission of serving the community, it is with the help of people like Darl and their investment of time in Operation Round Up that we can continue to help our community thrive. 

Thank you, Darl, for your 20 years of service.