It’s a matter of principles

Posted on Oct 09 2021 in Noble REMC
Ron Raypole

ACE Hardware, Ocean Spray, REI, Land O’Lakes and yours truly, Noble REMC, all share something in common: we’re all cooperatives. 

We may be in different industries, but we all share a passion for serving our members and helping our communities to thrive. 

In fact, all cooperatives adhere to the same set of seven principles that reflect our core values of honesty, transparency, equity, inclusiveness and service to the greater community good. 

October is National Co-op Month — as well as Noble REMC’s anniversary month! — so this is the perfect time to reflect on these principles that have stood the test of time but also provide a framework for the future. 

Voluntary and Open Membership: This principle notes that anyone can be a Noble REMC member. The only requirement: being a consumer of our services.

Democratic Member Control: Co-op members, like you, control our cooperative. You play a role in setting policies and making decisions. Not only can you vote for your board of directors, you can run for the board yourself.

Members’ Economic Participation: Electric cooperatives deliver service at cost. Members share the operational expenses and are credited for any revenues that exceed costs.

Autonomy and Independence: Noble REMC follows a democratic process. Locally-elected members serve as your directors and use first-hand information to make local decisions.

Education, Training and Information: Electric cooperatives educate members about how to get the most from their energy dollar and the safe use of electricity. Also, continued education and training for members, directors and employees helps us contribute to the development of our cooperative.

Cooperation Among Cooperatives: While cooperatives exist to fulfill a mutual need among members, by working together through local, national, regional and international structures, co-ops improve services, bolster local economies and deal more effectively with community needs.

Concern for Community: The old adage “it takes a village” is at the heart of this principle. Cooperatives work for the sustainable growth of our communities through policies supported by our members.