It Pays To Auto Pay

Celebrate Earth Day by signing up today

Posted on Apr 03 2021 in Clark County REMC
Earth in palm

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, do your part to help make our planet a better place. It can be as simple as switching to Auto Pay. 

Each week in April, all members who enroll in Auto Pay will AUTOMATICALLY be entered to win a $25 bill credit awarded each Friday to one lucky member. A grand prize bill credit of $100 will be awarded the last Friday of April.

It’s Convenient

Set it and forget it. Set up Auto Pay with REMC using your credit card or checking account and let us take care of the rest. No more remembering due dates or paying late fees.

Eliminate Penalties

Setting up Auto Pay takes care of your total bill amount on the due date each month. This means no more worrying if the payment you mailed will make it to us on time causing an unnecessary late fee.

Your Information is Safe with Us!

You can set up Auto Pay through SmartHub, by calling our IVR phone system, or by coming to our drive through. All of your payment information is stored securely so you can be confident your data is safe.