It just takes ‘cents’ to make a difference

Posted on May 06 2021 in Noble REMC
Central Noble Elementary
Central Noble Elementary School was awarded $1,500 to expand its outdoor learning center (the recent pavilion is pictured here) with the planting of pollinator gardens. Photo credit: Central Noble Fifth Grade Teacher Deb Sieber.

Two worthwhile projects in the community received funding to improve the local landscape, while also educating students about their impact on the environment. The funding came through Noble REMC’s EnviroWatts program which supports environmental community projects each year with the money contributed by our generous members.

Projects receiving funding were:

St. John Lutheran School in Kendallville was granted $1,150 to implement a composting program led by its students. After witnessing the amount of waste from their lunchroom, the school envisions the program as an opportunity for students to learn firsthand the benefits of composting and to teach the scientific process of breaking down organic waste into fertile soil. The school will use the funding to purchase the compost tumblers, bins, aerators, thermometers and starter — items that will make the program sustainable for years to come. The resulting soil will then be used at the school to create a prayer garden. 

Central Noble Elementary School in Albion received $1,500 to create pollinator gardens of herbs and vegetables, as well as to plant native vegetation and trees. The school’s goal is to provide habitats for bees, butterflies, birds and other wildlife, as part of its outdoor learning space. The outdoor learning initiative allows students to work, create and explore in the nature around them, as well as allow for environmental education. The space continues to grow and evolve, with opportunities for students to learn about tapping Maple trees, raising chickens and caring for honey bee hives.

This assistance to our community’s projects was provided with just 40 participating Noble REMC members. Think of what could be done with even more support.

Are you participating in EnviroWatts?

It only requires a maximum of $5 a month (just cents a day) — less than a meal at McDonald’s or drink from Starbucks.

When you sign up for EnviroWatts, you pay an additional 1 cent for your first 500 kilowatt-hours each month. Those pennies then go into a fund to be awarded annually to environmental improvement projects, but what’s more, that energy is then generated from renewable, environmentally preferred sources.

You help the environment two-fold. Not bad, huh?

Sign up today by calling our office at 800-933-7362 or visiting and filling out and returning the form provided for member participation.