Is time-of-day for you?

The time-of-day rate is designed to allow PPEC members to take advantage of a lower kilowatt-hour cost, saving money by adjusting when electricity is used.

On peak describes the time of day when kilowatt-hours are purchased at a higher rate. Between 2 and 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, the rate is $.18931/kWh. The other 18 hours of the day and all weekend, the rate is $.06361/kWh (called off peak). A holiday that falls during the week is included in the lower rate.

Electricity costs more to produce during on-peak hours. Consequently, PPEC pays more for electricity purchased during that time. The more we can get our members to shift to the evenings and weekends (off peak), the less we pay — and that benefits everyone.

It is important to know that people who choose to go on this rate can save money. But you will have to change the way you use electricity. How much you change — by shifting your use to off-peak hours — will directly affect how much you save on your electric bill.

You need to determine what appliances and equipment in your house use the most electricity. In general, this would be appliances that heat or cool. Some high-use items include electric water heaters, space heaters, air conditioners, electric clothes dryers, electric ranges, hot tubs/saunas, waterbeds, welders, and pool pumps.

To participate in this new rate, call our office at 800-686-2357.

Here are a few suggestions to help you shift your electricity use:

  • Put your electric water heater on a timer.
  • Wait until after 8 p.m. to use your dishwasher, clothes washer, or dryer.
  • If you have an electric range, cook large meals on the weekend, and just reheat them during the week.
  • Raise your thermostat two degrees in the summer (73-75 F), and lower it two degrees in the winter (70-68 F).