Invite energy efficiency to your Thanksgiving dinner

Grandma and grandson at Thanksgiving

Want to make this your most energy-wise Thanksgiving yet? 

This year, ask those you invite to your home to bring more than just a side dish. Ask guests to come prepared to share their favorite ways to save energy and reduce their monthly electric bills. After dinner, go around the table and have each person share a favorite tip. 

When everyone is finished, wow them with all of the ways you saved energy as you prepared the Thanksgiving feast. Need some ideas? Follow these tips:

  • Turn down the thermostat. With a full house and a hot kitchen, your house will be too steamy at its usual setting.
  • Don’t just stuff the turkey — stuff the oven. As long as your oven will be running all day, make the most of it by cooking several dishes at once. A variation of 25 F
    in either direction from the recommended cooking temperature will still produce the desired result.
  • Keep cleanup easy. Load the dishwasher completely full. Using the dishwasher will be more efficient than hand washing.
  • Don’t rush to put leftovers in the refrigerator, which will work harder to cool off hot foods. Let them cool on the counter.