Introducing our Co-op Solar program

Posted on May 31 2017 in Miami-Cass REMC

This solar array, part of the Co-op Solar program and located at Miami-Cass REMC’s headquarters, consists of 2,040 panels and will produce around 965,000 kWh per year.

Miami-Cass REMC has made it easier and more affordable for you to invest in solar energy. If you haven’t already noticed it while driving down U.S. 31, we now have a solar array located next to our headquarters. The solar array is part of the Co-op Solar program which makes it easy for our members to use solar energy without the cost and hassle of maintaining rooftop solar.

Solar power is created when solar panels collect sunlight and turn it into clean electricity. It is an alternative to burning fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gasses and other pollutants. When you invest in solar energy, you help restore our community to a cleaner, brighter place for everyone.

Many homes on our lines just aren’t in a suitable location for rooftop solar. There are also large upfront costs as well as the ongoing work of maintaining it. For many of our members, rooftop solar just doesn’t make sense. But Co-op Solar isn’t limited by these restrictions. We can provide our members with solar power while we take care of the installation and maintenance costs.

Miami-Cass REMC joined up with its wholesale provider, Wabash Valley Power, and 10 other co-ops for this program in order to leverage significant savings and to increase our buying power. And because we are a not-for-profit, we pass those savings on to you, our members.

How does it work? 

In addition to the solar array located at our headquarters, we use solar arrays throughout the Midwest to convert sunlight into electricity. By having several arrays located across multiple states, we become less vulnerable to cloud cover — a little bad weather over one array doesn’t mean the sun’s not shining on another. Once the solar power has been created, it can then be purchased by our program participants.

What am I purchasing?

When you participate in Co-op Solar, you purchase a “share” of solar power. Each share you buy gives you access to solar energy.

How much does it cost?

The details are still being worked out. Call our office to sign up to receive additional information as it becomes available.

How much energy does a share of solar power produce?

Each share should produce within a range of about 100–500 kWh per year, depending on the weather. Contact us to learn more about what that means for your home’s particular energy use.

Do I have to buy equipment?

Not at all. There’s no equipment to purchase or maintain, and nothing to install. Since we own the solar arrays, we’re responsible for taking care of them.

When will it be available for me to participate?

We hope to have it available to our members Aug. 1. If you have an interest in participating in the program, contact our office at 765-473-6688 during normal business hours, and we will put your name on a list, so that we can contact you as more information becomes available.