Interested in broadband? Take our survey!

Posted on Oct 07 2020 in Noble REMC
Lady with laptop

Noble REMC needs your help.

As a member of the community, we’ve been hearing more and more interest in different offerings for broadband internet services — a need that’s not currently being met.

Noble REMC has provided electric service to our community for nearly 85 years, and we understand the challenges our rural landscape presents to internet service providers. At the same time, we understand that inadequate broadband services pose constraints on our members’ quality of life in many ways, including educational and telework opportunities, economic development and options for service levels at a fair cost.

So, we want to hear from you about what you want when it comes to your internet service and provider.

With a long-standing history with TWN Communications, we’re partnering together to conduct a survey, open until Nov. 1, to collect feedback on the topic.

The brief survey is available on our website, Click the “Broadband Survey” button then enter your email and address — which will only be used for the purpose of identifying areas most in need — and you’ll be able to complete the survey.

Noble REMC encourages each and every member — residential and business — to make your voice heard, so that we can see how we can best help our community.